Volleyball Secures the Victory in their Home Opener

Volleyball Secures the Victory in their Home Opener

After two tough defeats on Saturday, women's volleyball needed to have a good performance in their home opener on Wednesday. Standing in their way were the Brookdale Community College Jersey Blues, a 1-3 team from New Jersey.

It was a slow start for the Mustangs, as the Jersey Blues built a big lead early in the first set. However, once Montgomery settled into the match, things started to turn around. The Mustangs battled back and managed to tie the set at 23-23. However, the early lead was too much for Montgomery to overcome and Brookdale took the first set 25-23. Despite the loss, the Mustangs grabbed their most kills of any set in the match with 12.

The second set was a much different story than the first. Whenever one team took the lead, the other team would make a run and take the lead back. Rebecca Godshall (FR, Souderton) grabbed seven kills, tied for the most of any Mustang in any set. The Mustang offense eventually swung the set in their favor, leading to a 25-21 victory.

In the third set, the Mustang defense shined. Their 15 digs in the set (52 total in the match) allowed them to eat everything that the Jersey Blues threw at them. Montgomery built up a big lead early, which eventually allowed them to take the set 25-19.

Now it was crunch time. Letting a team like Brookdale stay in the match isn't a good idea, but the Mustangs didn't ease up at all. Laura Reeser (SO, Hatfield), continued to set up her teammates as Rebecca Godshall and Molly McCarthy (FR, Souderton) continued to grab kills. Despite a late comeback from the Jersey Blues, Montgomery took the set 25-23 and the match 3-1.

"I was proud of the way we pushed through the setbacks in this match," said head coach Rob Childs. "We faced some adversity, especially in the first set, but we pushed through."

Volleyball will be back in action on Thursday, when they travel to Lehigh Carbon.