Game Recap: Women's Basketball Drops One to Nittany Lions

Game Recap: Women's Basketball Drops One to Nittany Lions

The Montgomery County Community College Mustangs lost 62-92 to the Nittany Lions of Penn State: Lehigh Thursday.

The teams started out on even footing for the first three minutes of the game, but the Lions soon pulled away, racking up a commanding 38-15 lead by the 8:20 mark. The Mustangs then rallied to keep pace with the Lions but could not muster up enough to close the more than 20 point spread. By the half, the Lions were leading the Mustangs 59-32.

In the second half of the game, play was more evenly matched as the Mustangs kept the Lions within a 25 - 35 point window the entire period. Unfortunately, the much-needed surge in scoring never came for the Mustangs and the game ultimately concluded in a 30 point loss.

Freshman Chloe Long led the offensive effort for the Mustangs, racking up 16 points and four assists. Following her were Bryanna Lacey, Morgan Sauermann and Tiasia Fields with 14, 13 and 10 points respectively. Sauermann led the team with nine assists and five steals, while Lacey contributed seven assists and two steals.

Next the Mustangs host Bucks County Community College on Tuesday Nov. 26th.