Mustangs' Season Comes to an End at the Hands of #1-Seed RCGC

Mustangs' Season Comes to an End at the Hands of #1-Seed RCGC

After a euphoric win at home on Saturday, men's basketball would only have until Tuesday to prepare for the #1 seeded Rowan College at Gloucester County. Nevertheless, the Mustangs worked dutifuly on a strategy to slow down the Roadrunners.

And it seemed like the Mustangs had figured something out. They started off the game with a bang, actually taking the lead for a short time. But then the Roadrunners got hot. The teams began to trade baskets. The only problem was that RCGC's baskets were three-pointers and Montgomery's were two-pointers.

RCGC used those threes to build momentum. Once the Mustangs finally figured out how to stop the three, they were met with a barrage from the paint. Cameron Reid continued his consistent scoring habits, leading the team with 23 points, but ultimately struggled a bit to stop the RCGC attack.

With all that being said, the Mustangs were only facing a 13 point deficit at half, which wasn't the worst situation to be in against the #4 team in the country. However, RCGC had no intention of slowing down and the Mustangs struggled to make shots on offense. This disastrous combination led to the eventual demise of the Mustangs. RCGC built onto their lead and ended the Mustangs' season with 92-69 final score.

Even with this loss, the Mustangs had some incredible accomplishments this season. After only winning one game during the 2017-18 season, no one expected the Mustangs to have a winning record, let alone finish 15-10 with a playoff victory, this season. We're extremely proud of our 2018-19 men's basketball team! Good luck to the team in the offseason!