Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Email
Bruce Bach Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation 215-641-6519
Kelly Dunbar Assistant Director of Athletics & Campus Recreation 215-619-7314


Name Title Phone Email
Ian Janoski Assistant Baseball Coach
Mike Fitzgerald Head Baseball Coach 215-641-6519

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Denny Surovec Head Men's Basketball Coach 215-641-6519
Patrick Boylan Associate Men's Basketball Coach
Koran Prince Assistant Men's Basketball Coach

Men's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Tom Haney Head Men's Soccer Coach 215-641-6519
Kim Gerhart Assistant Men's Soccer Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Elisa Novak Head Women's Softball Coach 215-641-6519
Tim Bass Assistant Softball Coach

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Mark McDonnell Head Women's Basketball Coach 215-641-6519
Tiffany Johnson Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Chris DePeppe Head Women's Soccer Coach 215-641-6519
Kelsey Daley Assistant Women's Soccer Coach

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Rita Rivera Head Volleyball Coach 215-641-6519
Victoria Biggins Assistant Volleyball Coach